Cinderella is head over heels but not in love…yet. She is a high-flying circus artiste working for a cruel Ringmaster and her jealous daughters who do not let Cinderella perform her incredible skills. Instead, she must cook and clean for them. But, this does not stop her from practicing in the moonlight where her gentle spirit shines. When the circus is commanded to perform at the Handsome Prince’s Ball, Cinderella is forbidden to attend. But with the help of her “Fairy Godmother” – P.T. Barnum – and some stage magic, she transforms her act into pure beauty for all to enjoy. The handsome Prince is smitten with her, but the “magic” ends at midnight and the rest is as you know, except…Cinderella discovers it is not the Handsome Prince she loves but someone else, someone close to her who has a secret of his own!