Welcome to General Botanical Hospital where dedicated members of the vegetable community are busy saving plant lives. You’ll meet anesthesiologist Dr. Poppy, Nurse Thistle, Dr. Green Onion, Dr. Spud and Dr. Deadly Nightshade, the Plant Doctor in charge. In this intriguing musical puppet performance, the characters will reveal the functions of roots, stems and leaves, tell us all about f lowers, fruits and vegetables, explain seed dispersal and germination, unveil the mystery of photosynthesis, explore water plants, carnivores and creepers, and how natural medicine is derived from plants. The Plant Doctors was awarded a 2001 Citation of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry, the highest honor in U.S. puppet theatre bestowed by the American branch of the internal theater organization, Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA-USA).