Eavesdropping, an experimental theatrical song cycle by Atlanta composer John Cerreta, had its world premiere in 2014 at the Woodruff Arts Center, part of the Performance Ensemble program at Alliance Theatre Education. Cerreta’s musical offering is sourced in the repetitive, mundane, perhaps banal conversations overheard in the city’s coffee houses over a certain stretch of years. Employing music that is at once completely original, but also reminding of the work of Radiohead, Laurie Anderson, The Cure, Phillip Glass, R.E.M., and possibly Nirvana, Eavesdropping creates meaning, character, and story out of what seems unrelated and unconnected, and reveals the unifying designs and desires of human lives in motion and rest.

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All photos by Greg Mooney.



Time to Grow Up

One Thousand One

The Compliment

Killer Bee

Madam Bell


Ocean Blue

Loving Arms

Truth of the Matter

Solstice Party

Love This Man

Little Miss Optimist

Turning it Over

I Will Die Here, Fall is in the Air